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About dataZoa

dataZoa is truly something new under the sun. As Reported by the Wall Street Journal (May 7, 2013):

"On Twitter you can follow this or that person and with dataZoa you can follow numbers"

Access the world's data: dataZoa is a universal translator for data series on the Web. An inspiring wealth of data has accumulated on the Web over the years, but it is shamefully difficult to get at and put to good use, being tucked away in a jumble of tables and charts and spreadsheets and databases. There are more formats and pigeonholes out there than there are languages spoken on Earth.

With radical simplicity, dataZoa solves this problem head-on for a huge number of the world's data series - over 3 Billion data series. How? With dataZoa's path-breaking and unique-in-the-world dZ-Dot™ browser add-on. Check out these quick videos to see how it works.

American Fact Finder (AFF) - U.S. Census  
BEA        Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)  
Energy Information Agency (EIA)  
FBI Uniform Crime Report (UCR)  
SEC Edgar Filings

Your own live, updating data collection: To a data user, dataZoa means a single, uniform, cost-effective way to access one's chosen data from a huge and growing abundance of data. dataZoa gives you literal drag-and-drop access to over 3 Billion data series in Economics, Health, Energy, Demographics, Finance, and more, from the US and the world. dataZoa users graze the Web and gather chosen data into their own personal web-based account, where they have the option of uploading and hosting their own original data as well. From there, dataZoa users view, analyze, share, download, and create vivid website embeddable charts and tabular displays with this data. Perhaps best of all, the dataZoa connections to data are live - select some data, drag it once, and dataZoa keeps the numbers current from there on! Enjoy watching your tables and charts update automatically.

Live data in your pocket: dataZoa tables and charts can be quickly composed into public or private dashboards called dZBoards. Share and view dZBoards on the iPhone, iPad, Android devices and PCs.

Publish data to the world: A growing number of universities and government agencies also use dataZoa to publish their own original data series for the Web at large, and these public data are also available to dataZoa users. Some organizations use dataZoa to publish data privately -- to their, customers, colleagues and employees. Here are just a few examples of the many public sites published with dataZoa:

New Jersey Department of Labor        Massachusetts Treasury Bond Disclosures        University of Nevada CBER

World Class Data Dissemination: As you can see in the above sites, dataZoa tables and charts offer an amazing range of data dissemination options, all under your control. At your discretion, you can give your viewers the options to:

• Follow live data by hovering over dataZoa's unique grey dZDot in any table row to send that series to a free dataZoa viewing account.
live updating tables and charts into a free dataZoa account, placing these in users' own dashboards, called dZBoards™.
• Pick up a live dZBoard which can be saved to a user's iPhone, Android, tablet or PC home screen -- and accessed in 1 touch.
a live, updating dataZoa table right into an EXCEL Spreadsheet, keeping this live table "hotlinked" to that spreadsheet.
custom data ranges with diverse formatting and file type options.
• Get the free called dataZephyr, and Drag & Drop any live data series from a dataZoa table into dataZephyr, a powerful
   desktop charting and analysis tool (see more on dataZephyr under "In addition..." below).
tables and charts on their own sites, blogs and intranets, including full publication credits to you, the publisher.
tables and charts via social networking sites.

Branded Data™ If you wish to extend your brand across the global Internet, you can use dataZoa to offer data for use by others and have that data carry your brand with it. Branded Data means that any data you offer to dataZoa users will carry your brand and a clickable icon to bring users right to your site.

In addition...

For more advanced data analysis, dataZoa comes with desktop software, dataZephyr, the world's only spreadsheet for times series. It works with the same data sources as dataZoa,with the same drag-and-drop simplicity. Users can also drag data from their dataZoa account right into dataZephyr. dataZephyr is available free to dataZoa users.

See a dataZephyr Worksheet or a gallery of live worksheets.     [ get dataZephyr ] [ uninstall dataZephyr ]

dataZoa API

dataZoa's powerful API enables you to connect dataZoa to your other applications -- to upload data from your inhouse systems or to access data in your dataZoa account.

Have questions? Feel free to write to us here or...

Contact us at:

Leading Market Technologies, Inc.
58 Winter Street
Boston, MA 02108
Phone: (617) 494-4747
Fax: (617) 494-4788
Email: LMT@LMTECH.com

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