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Montana Economic Outlook
Latest Value
Percent Change
from Prior Period
Total Gross Domestic Product1 (US$ millions)
46,227 in 2016
Total Personal Income1 (US$ Thousands)
44,772,870 in 2016
Population2 (number of persons)
1,042,520 in 2016
Per Capita Personal Income1 (US$)
42,947 in 2016
Civilian Labor Force3 (workers)
526,002 in Dec 2017
Employees on Nonfarm Payrolls3 (workers)
504,660 in Dec 2017
Unemployment Rate3 (%)
4.1 in Dec 2017
Coincident Econ. Activity Index4 (July 1992=100)
180.77 in Dec 2017
Data is automatically updated upon release from its source. Figures may be revised for previous periods.
1 - Source: Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA).
2 - Midyear (July 1st) population estimates. Source: US Census Bureau, Population Division.
3 - Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) - Local Area Unemployment Statistics (LAUS). Figures are seasonally adjusted.
4 - Source: Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
Published by   Montana CEIC.