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Georgia State Totals
BBRED 4-Week Moving Average
Initial Weekly Unemployment Claims (Seasonally Adjusted)
6,126 in 12/24/2016
3.32%   in 12/24/2016
BBRED 4-Week Moving Average
Continued Weekly Unemployment Claims (Seasonally Adjusted)
30,756 in 12/24/2016
3.22%   in 12/24/2016
Leading Index (projected 6-month percent growth in the Coincident Index)
1.86 in Nov 2017
-17.33%   in Nov 2017
Coincident Economic Activity Index (July 1992=100, Seasonally Adjusted)
225.31 in Nov 2017
0.24%   in Nov 2017
Per Capita Personal Income (dollars)
42,159 in 2016
2.78%   in 2016
Proprietors' Employment (number of jobs)
1,426,685 in 2016
2.42%   in 2016