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Georgia State Totals
BBRED 4-Week Moving Average
Initial Weekly Unemployment Claims (Seasonally Adjusted)
6,299 in 12/1/2018
7.75  in 12/1/2018
BBRED 4-Week Moving Average
Continued Weekly Unemployment Claims (Seasonally Adjusted)
27,109 in 12/1/2018
2.24  in 12/1/2018
Leading Index (projected 6-month percent growth in the Coincident Index)
2.1 in Oct 2018
-3.67  in Oct 2018
Coincident Economic Activity Index (July 1992=100, Seasonally Adjusted)
137.74 in Oct 2018
0.39  in Oct 2018
Per Capita Personal Income (dollars)
42,159 in 2016
2.78  in 2016
Proprietors' Employment (number of jobs)
1,442,732 in 2017
1.70  in 2017