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Avg. Hourly Wage by Sector, Montana
(figures are not seasonally adjusted)
Aug 2017Sep 2017Oct 2017Nov 2017Dec 2017
Total Private (all figures are $s per hour)22.9023.3423.5423.5123.65
   Goods Producing25.1025.3025.6725.9126.11
   Private Service Providing22.4722.9623.1023.0523.18
   Trade, Transportation & Utilities20.6321.0421.0720.7420.60
   Financial Activities25.1525.5225.3525.1825.49
   Professional & Business Services25.4926.2326.1526.9326.90
   Education & Health Services26.4526.6926.8026.5227.19
   Leisure & Hospitality13.9214.0914.4014.1614.17
Data is automatically updated on a monthly basis. Figures for previous periods may be revised.
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Current Employment Statistics (CES).
Published by   Montana CEIC.