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United States - Manufacturing Annual EmploymentApr 2017May 2017Jun 2017Jul 2017Aug 2017Sep 2017
Food 1,563,1441,570,0641,595,283
Beverage and Tobacco Product255,748262,966270,261272,899275,098274,973
Textile Mills 112,568112,369113,103112,110112,369112,373
Textile Product Mills115,492115,436115,839115,119115,217114,786
Leather and Allied Product28,30928,21928,22327,66527,98727,755
Wood Product 392,967395,589399,685398,983399,869397,903
Paper Manufacturing366,956366,306369,080368,920367,792365,377
Printing and Related Support Activities439,644440,142440,974439,495438,192436,753
Petroleum and Coal Products 112,109113,562114,844115,140114,975113,904
Chemical 817,795819,518826,552
Plastics and Rubber Products 710,874712,304717,251715,087716,447715,151
Nonmetallic Mineral Product 408,740412,924417,280
Primary Metal367,195367,983370,285
Fabricated Metal Product 1,410,6131,414,5411,427,2051,424,6161,425,4501,419,543
Computer and Electronic Product 1,032,3361,034,4021,046,2231,049,1441,047,2711,040,019
Electrical Equipment and Appliance382,965383,562387,862388,262388,119386,223
Transportation Equipment 1,638,1621,642,7551,655,356
Furniture and Related Product 391,672392,429396,139
Source:Link to http://data.bls.govNote: Click on a row title to create a chart
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