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 TOTAL POPULATION2,730,9002,731,4002,731,9002,732,4002,732,4002,733,400
 Population 14 years and over2,089,7002,090,1002,090,3002,090,8002,090,8002,091,400
 Labour Force1,356,3001,369,1001,368,3001,347,6001,335,1001,348,400
 Employed Labour Force1,184,0001,202,6001,213,6001,206,8001,206,6001,217,300
 Unemployed Labour Force172,300166,500154,700140,900128,500131,100
 Outside The Labour Force733,400721,000722,000743,200755,700743,000
 Employment Rate87.387.888.789.690.490.3
 Unemployment Rate12.712.211.310.49.69.7
 Job Seeking Rate8.
 Percentage of Population under 14 years23.523.523.523.523.523.5
 Percentage of Population 14 years & over76.576.576.576.576.576.5
 Percentage of Population 14 + Outside LF35.134.534.535.536.135.5
 Labour Force as a % age of Total Pop.49.750.150.149.348.949.3
 Labour Force as a % age of Population 14+64.965.565.564.563.964.5
 Employment to Population Ratio56.757.558.157.757.758.2


 TOTAL POPULATION1,350,8001,351,5001,351,2001,351,8001,351,8001,352,300
 Population 14 years and over1,025,2001,025,8001,025,4001,026,0001,026,0001,026,300
 Labour Force727,600739,700734,400721,500718,000727,400
 Employed Labour Force662,300669,200675,900668,900664,200674,100
 Unemployed Labour Force65,30070,50058,50052,60053,80053,300
 Outside The Labour Force297,600286,100291,000304,500308,000298,900
 Employment Rate91.090.592.092.792.592.7
 Unemployment Rate9.
 Job Seeking Rate6.
 Percentage of Population under 14 years24.
 Percentage of Population 14 years & over75.975.975.975.975.975.9
 Percentage of Population 14 + Outside LF29.027.928.429.730.029.1
 Labour Force as a % age of Total Pop.53.954.754.453.453.153.8
 Labour Force as a % age of Population 14+
 Employment to Population Ratio64.665.265.965.264.765.7


 TOTAL POPULATION1,380,1001,379,9001,380,7001,380,6001,380,6001,381,100
 Population 14 years and over1,064,5001,064,3001,064,9001,064,8001,064,8001,065,100
 Labour Force628,700629,400633,900626,100617,100621,000
 Employed Labour Force521,700533,400537,700537,900542,400543,200
 Unemployed Labour Force107,00096,00096,20088,30074,70077,800
 Outside The Labour Force435,800434,900431,000438,700447,700444,100
 Employment Rate83.084.784.885.987.987.5
 Unemployment Rate17.015.315.
 Job Seeking Rate10.
 Percentage of Population under 14 years22.922.922.922.922.922.9
 Percentage of Population 14 years & over77.
 Percentage of Population 14 + Outside LF40.940.940.541.242.041.7
 Labour Force as a % age of Total Pop.45.645.645.945.344.745.0
 Labour Force as a % age of Population 14+
 Employment to Population Ratio49.050.150.550.550.951.0
Published by  Statistical Institute of Jamaica.Powered by dataZoa

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