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Gross Domestic Product (GDP) (millions of chained dollars) - Kansas2016 Q22016 Q32016 Q42017 Q12017 Q22017 Q3
All Industry Total134,346134,774134,877132,909133,409134,116
   Private Industries116,429116,999117,041115,582116,095116,771
     Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, and Hunting4,6984,2724,1223,2623,1983,013
     Manufacturing 20,66920,67420,74720,72720,95321,013
       Durable Goods Manufacturing10,76510,73310,80110,43810,66810,835
       Nondurable Goods Manufacturing9,7579,7979,80010,15610,14610,033
     Wholesale Trade9,0579,0499,0679,2109,2399,271
     Retail Trade9,4169,3479,4389,3539,4789,619
     Transportation and Warehousing4,9334,9745,0515,0125,0385,029
     Finance and Insurance6,7207,2567,4047,0526,9347,194
     Real Estate and Rental and Leasing15,21015,19615,20615,04314,94514,977
     Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services7,6527,7187,5607,4787,5727,620
     Management of Companies and Enterprises3,6303,7913,6713,6503,6913,716
     Administrative and Waste Management Services4,2644,3184,1994,3354,4004,468
     Educational Services727.0722.0684.0732.0726.0726.0
     Health Care and Social Assistance10,24410,23610,18010,26610,36310,476
     Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation705.0692.0726.0700.0717.0713.0
     Accommodation and Food Services3,2793,2843,2843,2933,3023,287
     Other Services, Except Government2,7932,8042,7962,7952,8142,834
Note: Click on a row title to create a chartSource: Link to http://www.bea.gov 
Published by   Wichita State University - CEDBR.Powered by dataZoa

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