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MA Earnings by Sector
2015 Q32015 Q42016 Q12016 Q22016 Q32016 Q4
  Mining 392,992385,940384,143379,266372,833373,416
  Utilities 1,966,1441,897,6322,044,0762,050,1972,032,4122,059,083
  Construction 18,293,56019,050,99619,592,44319,288,60919,211,89319,636,770
  Nondurable Manufacturing 8,434,0768,515,2327,951,9228,271,1008,591,2248,705,880
  Durable Manufacturing 17,902,60018,325,88418,552,39318,340,91420,632,50719,882,750
  Wholesale Trade 14,163,43614,389,20814,284,29414,643,19614,810,16614,937,721
  Retail Trade 15,076,82815,379,43615,298,42915,538,68615,720,11215,824,784
  Transportation & Warehousing 5,969,8926,166,8806,141,3596,180,6346,345,7956,430,358
  Information 11,638,19611,892,74011,916,74612,398,35512,553,98612,686,541
  Finance & Insurance 31,228,20032,040,76830,442,86632,020,30334,019,94833,586,674
  Real Estate, Rental & Leasing 4,698,1885,069,5365,041,3235,178,1914,990,9285,107,796
  Professional & Technical Services 49,081,62450,106,27651,468,30050,775,73952,769,53053,479,212
  Management of Companies & Enterprises 9,876,7369,627,4769,526,7809,879,40510,743,26010,271,643
  Administrative & Waste Services 11,075,62011,350,16811,369,69111,483,42311,612,91511,861,159
  Educational Services 12,574,28812,718,73212,713,14613,026,11113,306,97013,490,959
  Health Care & Social Assistance 43,510,85244,696,15244,888,01345,381,54745,671,94446,210,748
  Arts, Entertainment & Recreation 4,715,3924,836,2004,808,4174,845,8884,974,7905,056,470
  Accommodation & Food Services 9,481,4729,836,4409,765,81610,004,52810,249,05510,347,610
  Forestry, Fishing, Related Activities, & Other 618,532661,632642,055645,777691,738719,042
  Other Services (except Public Administration) 9,824,59610,033,23210,009,64510,121,93110,308,36710,445,069
Source: Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.
 1.) Millions of US$ (Not Seasonally Adjusted)
Source: Link to http://fred.stlouisfed.org 
Published by   MA - Debt Management.

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