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Kansas City, MO-KS MSA - Manufacturing Annual Wages201220132014201520162017
Food 53,88455,77054,69155,91056,84358,445
Beverage and Tobacco Product 49,91454,20347,65246,35445,68445,511
Textile Mills44,68048,21645,57545,46447,85649,972
Textile Product Mills35,69833,83633,78834,28736,99438,166
Apparel 47,35544,10646,04352,82254,57450,320
Leather and Allied Product NDDNDD25,16529,75429,09133,618
Wood Product 36,91935,00036,84138,06938,26240,223
Paper Manufacturing51,84752,75752,54855,75558,09059,257
Printing and Related Support Activities44,15845,06146,10947,38348,48148,217
Petroleum and Coal Products 70,28566,98673,28274,83979,81376,765
Chemical 66,00965,98666,59168,48370,09271,223
Plastics and Rubber Products 45,30945,57046,59848,49551,04349,173
Nonmetallic Mineral Product 51,14751,63150,97252,65354,65456,431
Primary Metal 58,74156,51760,78362,58455,99960,726
Fabricated Metal Product 62,01562,45756,30755,86656,26557,609
Machinery NDDNDD58,22958,18258,60160,997
Computer and Electronic Product 65,39667,71073,27475,65578,85381,117
Electrical Equipment and Appliance46,62848,74949,33251,33553,36255,925
Transportation Equipment 71,19471,63272,94878,01171,90068,047
Furniture and Related Product 37,89037,83639,48341,41943,16244,231
Miscellaneous 46,87447,85347,93048,82149,12051,138
Source:Link to http://data.bls.govNote: Click on a row title to create a chart
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