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Gross Domestic Product by Industry, Montana
(millions of year US$)
Total - All Industries45,10146,17946,47848,098
  Private Industries38,53739,51939,52240,983
    Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing & Hunting2,0792,0961,9421,896
      Oil & Gas Extraction892529414NA
      Mining (except Oil & Gas)1,5131,4291,304NA
      Support Activities for Mining464297171NA
      Durable Goods Manufacturing9651,0201,0881,115
      Nondurable Goods Manufacturing2,7642,5441,7761,832
    Wholesale Trade2,4592,5232,5632,650
    Retail Trade2,8863,0473,2113,311
    Transportation & Warehousing2,2202,1872,0942,132
    Finance, Insurance, Real Estate, Rental & Leasing7,5088,1618,6079,064
      Finance & Insurance1,9312,0302,0882,175
      Real Estate & Rental and Leasing5,5776,1326,5196,889
    Professional & Business Services3,1553,2993,3713,506
      Professional, Scientific & Technical Services2,0082,0932,1662,255
      Management of Companies & Enterprises204224223222
      Administrative & Waste Management Services9439829821,030
    Educational Services, Health Care & Social Assistance4,0974,3364,5714,899
      Educational Services192198206217
      Health Care & Social Assistance3,9054,1384,3654,682
    Arts, Entertainment, Recreation, Accommodation & Food Services2,1702,2982,4302,526
      Arts, Entertainment & Recreation575585621647
      Accommodation & Food Services1,5951,7131,8091,879
    Other Services (except Government)9691,0201,0671,114
    Federal - Civilian1,4981,5421,643NA
    Federal - Military488470477NA
    State & Local4,5774,6484,837NA
"N/A" indicates data is not available for specific industry detail and/or year.
Data is automatically updated on an annual basis. Figures for previous periods may be revised.
Source: US Department of Commerce, Bureau of Economic Analysis.
Published by  Montana CEIC.Powered by dataZoa