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Monthly Data
Dec 2017Jan 2018Feb 2018Mar 2018Apr 2018May 2018
Employees on Nonfarm Payrolls (Thousands, SA)987.9991.3994.3996.8998.91,001.1
Employees on Nonfarm Payrolls (Thousands, NSA)993.0981.5987.7993.91,000.61,005.5
Employment in Leisure and Hospitality (Thousands, SA)288.6290.2290.7291.6292.5292.4
Employment in Leisure and Hospitality (Thousands, NSA)284.9285.0287.3291.3295.3296.0
Unemployment Rate (SSA)5.1%5.2%5.2%5.2%5.1%
Unemployment Rate (NSA)5.0%5.4%5.2%5.1%5.0%
General Business
CC Taxable Sales$12.0$3,324,162,736$3,203,171,577$3,940,469,721
CC Motor Vehicle and Parts$12.0$365,471,244$369,796,552$461,771,451
Taxable Gasoline Sales (gallons)69,770,39867,066,04063,212,85570,649,59671,507,832
Tourism. Gaming and Hospitality
McCarran Total Passengers3,828,0893,776,2993,568,6624,298,3584,188,246
CC Visitor Volume3,414,9003,643,0003,386,8004,062,5003,837,900
LV Visitor Volume3,194,8003,393,9003,130,4003,749,8003,548,000
CC Gross Gaming Revenue$820,393,888$892,063,828$888,773,309$888,307,323$825,327,435
LV Strip Gross Gaming Revenue$571,503,779$554,751,961$603,494,013$573,943,822$499,502,016
LV Room Inventory148,897146,715146,672147,463147,508
LV Hotel/Motel Occupancy Rate77.4%83.8%85.3%92.7%91.0%
LV Conventions Held
LV Convention Attendance282,000612,900690,000652,400563,800
CC Taxi Trips1,181,0541,563,3471,327,8821,736,4381,546,934
Real Estate and Construction
Case-Shiller Las Vegas Home Price Index (SA)171.5168172.8243175.139177.36
CC Housing Permits-Units
CC Housing Permits-Value
CC Commercial Building Permits
CC Commercial Building Permits-Value
CC Electric Meter Hookups819,632819,326817,373
CC Drivers License Count
Sources:Link to http://fred.stlouisfed.orgLink to http://cber.unlv.edu
Published by  University of Nevada, Las Vegas - CBER.Powered by dataZoa

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