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Personal Income & Its Disposition
2016 Q12016 Q22016 Q32016 Q42017 Q1
  Personal income15,740.115,929.416,111.116,166.216,329.7
    Compensation of employees, received
      Wage & salary disbursements
        Private industries6,715.26,838.56,943.66,908.86,975.5
      Supplements to wages & salaries1,881.31,903.61,924.51,931.91,951.6
        Employer contributions for employee pension & insurance funds
        Employer contributions for government social insurance576.4584.1591.1587.8598.0
    Proprietors' income with inventory valuation & capital consumption adjustments1,403.91,407.81,420.81,437.41,458
    Rental income of persons with capital consumption adjustment692.8700.6705.9719.6735.6
    Personal income receipts on assets2,235.92,255.82,270.32,289.72,299.4
      Personal interest income1,296.11,310.21,317.81,333.81,352.8
      Personal dividend income939.8945.5952.5955.9946.6
    Personal current transfer receipts2,7442,763.62,786.52,807.62,849.7
      Government social benefits to persons2,691.42,710.62,7332,753.62,794.8
        Social security1886.3894.1899.7905.9916.1
        Unemployment insurance31.530.329.928.728.6
        Veterans' benefits93.195.295.797.098.2
      Other current transfer receipts, from business (net)52.653.053.554.154.9
    Less: Contributions for government social insurance, domestic1,2291,244.81,259.11,254.11,280.3
  Less: Personal current taxes1,932.71,952.11,982.41,976.31,994.4
  Equals: Disposable personal income13,807.413,977.314,128.714,189.814,335.3
  Less: Personal outlays12,961.913,154.513,300.713,491.413,588.5
    Personal consumption expenditures12,49812,692.712,832.213,008.913,108.4
    Personal interest payments3
    Personal current transfer payments196.0188.8192.7199.6196.6
      To government108.2108.2108.8109.8112.7
      To the rest of the world (net)87.880.684.089.884.0
  Equals: Personal saving845.5822.8828.0698.5746.8
    Personal saving as a percentage of disposable personal income6.
    Personal income excluding current transfer receipts, billions of chained (2005) dollars 4
      Total, billions of chained (2005) dollars4
      Per capita: Current dollars42,80743,26543,65143,75944,141
      Per capita: Chained (2005) dollars38,92739,14839,35439,25439,359
    Population (midperiod, thousands)322,549323,064323,675324,275324,765
    % Chg from preceding period: Disposable personal income, current dollars2.
    % Chg from preceding period: Disposable personal income, chained (2005) dollars2.12.92.9-0.31.7
1.) Social security benefits include old-age, survivors, and disability insurance benefits that are distributed from the federal old-age and survivors insurance trust fund and the disability insurance trust fund.
2.) Medicare benefits include hospital and supplementary medical insurance benefits that are distributed from the federal hospital insurance trust fund and the supplementary medical insurance trust fund.
3.) Consists of nonmortgage interest paid by households.
4.) The current-dollar measure is deflated by the implicit price deflator for personal consumption expenditures.
Sources: Link to http://www.bea.gov Link to http://www.bea.gov 
Published by   Ball State University - CBER.

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