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Per Capita State Government General Expenditures by Type
  United States
     Public Welfare1,712
     Health & Hospitals423.0
     Police & Corrections204.0
     Natural Resource, Parks & Recreation84.0
     Administration, Insurance Trust & Other1,459
     Interest on General Debt143.0
     Public Welfare2,016
     Health & Hospitals647.0
     Police & Corrections260.0
     Natural Resource, Parks & Recreation58.0
     Administration, Insurance Trust & Other2,310
     Interest on General Debt396.0
     State's Rank of Total Per Capita Expenditures10.0
     Public Welfare2,529
     Health & Hospitals431.0
     Police & Corrections164.0
     Natural Resource, Parks & Recreation127.0
     Administration, Insurance Trust & Other1,527
     Interest on General Debt164.0
     State's Rank of Total Per Capita Expenditures18.0
     Public Welfare2,471
     Health & Hospitals243.0
     Police & Corrections303.0
     Natural Resource, Parks & Recreation92.0
     Administration, Insurance Trust & Other2,456
     Interest on General Debt398.0
     State's Rank of Total Per Capita Expenditures8.0
  New Hampshire
     Public Welfare1,326
     Health & Hospitals119.0
     Police & Corrections117.0
     Natural Resource, Parks & Recreation72.0
     Administration, Insurance Trust & Other1,351
     Interest on General Debt259.0
     State's Rank of Total Per Capita Expenditures38.0
  Rhode Island
     Public Welfare2,409
     Health & Hospitals222.0
     Police & Corrections246.0
     Natural Resource, Parks & Recreation76.0
     Administration, Insurance Trust & Other2,111
     Interest on General Debt460.0
     State's Rank of Total Per Capita Expenditures11.0
     Public Welfare2,669
     Health & Hospitals535.0
     Police & Corrections369.0
     Natural Resource, Parks & Recreation183.0
     Administration, Insurance Trust & Other1,357
     Interest on General Debt143.0
     State's Rank of Total Per Capita Expenditures4.0
Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Governments Division
1.) Dollars reported in real 2015 US dollars
Published by  MA - Debt Management.

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