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Manufacturers' New Orders: Durable Goods
Dec 2017Jan 2018Feb 2018Mar 2018
  Manufacturers' New Orders: Durable Goods249,067240,095248,709255,249
  Consumer Goods:
     Consumer Durable Goods Industries38,57238,86439,45739,722
     Consumer Nondurable Goods Industries (DISCONTINUED)167,466
     Durable Goods Excluding Defense Industries235,191229,166236,218242,932
     Durable Goods Excluding Transportation Industries162,596162,073163,717163,821
  Durable Goods Industries:
     Computers & Electronic Products23,98123,91323,87724,119
         Defense Communications Eqpt.227.0246.0264.0247.0
         Defense Search & Navigation Eqpt.2,4542,5452,6382,822
         Electromedical, Measuring & Control Instruments9,7199,7019,7049,701
         Electronic Components4,4064,3834,3324,249
         Nondefense Communications Eqpt.3,0543,0882,8203,082
         Nondefense Search & Navigation Eqpt.1,7761,4501,6061,572
     Electrical Eqpt., Appliances & Components10,07510,08210,40910,470
         Electrical Eqpt.2,7202,6292,7542,727
         Electric Lighting Eqpt.1,0201,0531,0461,048
         Household Appliance1,5221,5681,5321,553
     Fabricated Metal Products34,01234,28734,32934,449
     Furniture & Related Products6,7476,5406,6856,586
         Construction Machinery2,1202,2932,4202,296
         Industrial Machinery2,8842,9282,9312,810
         Material Handling Eqpt.2,8412,9643,0033,047
         Metalworking Machinery3,2973,4243,1803,179
         Mining, Oil Field & Gas Field Machinery1,1751,0761,0931,121
         Photographic Eqpt.577.0499.0539.0544.0
         Turbines, Generators & Other Power Transmission Eqpt.4,1244,1344,2444,337
         Ventilation, Heating, Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Eqpt.4,1293,9683,9363,772
     Primary Metals20,90520,92021,86422,314
         Aluminum & Nonferrous Metals9,7969,6519,97010,247
         Ferrous Metal Foundries1,2931,2881,3211,358
         Iron & Steel Mills9,8169,98110,57310,709
     Transportation Eqpt.86,47178,02284,99291,428
         Defense Aircraft & Parts5,0692,6123,3753,058
         Motor Vehicle Bodies, Parts & Trailers28,75028,58729,16228,873
         Nondefense Aircraft & Parts14,48610,44614,53520,997
         Ships & Boats2,3412,6853,5593,324
  Other Durable Goods Industries40,55039,85240,01239,867
  Nondurable Goods Industries249,565251,938251,206252,441
Source:Link to http://fred.stlouisfed.orgNote: Seasonally Adjusted
Published by  Ball State University - CBER.

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