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Manufacturers' New Orders: Durable Goods
Apr 2017May 2017Jun 2017Jul 2017
  Manufacturers' New Orders: Durable Goods230,986230,976245,705228,922
  Consumer Goods:
     Consumer Durable Goods Industries37,05037,73037,39036,677
     Consumer Nondurable Goods Industries157,950157,049157,199158,303
     Durable Goods Excluding Defense Industries218,413219,669233,645215,412
     Durable Goods Excluding Transportation Industries152,746153,950153,944154,796
  Durable Goods Industries:
     Computers & Electronic Products22,13322,06822,01322,483
         Defense Communications Eqpt.222.0251.0256.0250.0
         Defense Search & Navigation Eqpt.2,3542,4532,4422,509
         Electromedical, Measuring & Control Instruments8,6688,6348,6288,984
         Electronic Components4,0133,9873,9413,942
         Nondefense Communications Eqpt.2,9012,7602,7962,754
         Nondefense Search & Navigation Eqpt.1,4851,5461,5031,440
     Electrical Eqpt., Appliances & Components10,11210,1789,7009,948
         Electrical Eqpt.2,7552,6982,3912,513
         Electric Lighting Eqpt.1,1211,1351,1191,083
         Household Appliance1,5711,5801,5651,517
     Fabricated Metal Products31,85932,35732,38932,555
     Furniture & Related Products6,3666,3356,4686,594
         Construction Machinery1,9192,0592,0322,211
         Industrial Machinery2,8773,0282,7952,772
         Material Handling Eqpt.2,8432,9423,1112,962
         Metalworking Machinery2,9943,0053,0613,165
         Mining, Oil Field & Gas Field Machinery924.01,0191,0441,062
         Photographic Eqpt.545.0548.0543.0502.0
         Turbines, Generators & Other Power Transmission Eqpt.3,7874,0244,0634,031
         Ventilation, Heating, Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Eqpt.3,7923,8223,8183,679
     Primary Metals19,40819,39919,48319,526
         Aluminum & Nonferrous Metals9,1968,7328,6898,788
         Ferrous Metal Foundries1,2621,3831,3711,345
         Iron & Steel Mills8,9509,2849,4239,393
     Transportation Eqpt.78,24077,02691,76174,126
         Defense Aircraft & Parts5,3723,5283,7255,505
         Motor Vehicle Bodies, Parts & Trailers27,60327,67727,68027,434
         Nondefense Aircraft & Parts11,11310,96125,1237,332
         Ships & Boats3,0982,9793,0802,985
  Other Durable Goods Industries38,39638,30738,56338,774
  Nondurable Goods Industries237,586236,074236,448237,438
Note: Seasonally AdjustedSource: Link to http://fred.stlouisfed.org 
Published by   Ball State University - CBER.

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