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Manufacturers' New Orders: Durable Goods
Aug 2017Sep 2017Oct 2017Nov 2017
  Manufacturers' New Orders: Durable Goods233,709239,313238,324241,372
  Consumer Goods:
     Consumer Durable Goods Industries37,68437,54038,33738,803
     Consumer Nondurable Goods Industries159,750161,916163,709166,372
     Durable Goods Excluding Defense Industries220,987226,493226,569228,791
     Durable Goods Excluding Transportation Industries156,481158,469160,704160,596
  Durable Goods Industries:
     Computers & Electronic Products23,01423,75424,12824,015
         Defense Communications Eqpt.256.0257.0296.0255.0
         Defense Search & Navigation Eqpt.2,4852,6222,6232,645
         Electromedical, Measuring & Control Instruments8,9109,4119,5169,671
         Electronic Components4,1584,2274,2914,308
         Nondefense Communications Eqpt.3,0083,2423,2913,155
         Nondefense Search & Navigation Eqpt.1,6151,5061,5971,535
     Electrical Eqpt., Appliances & Components10,08410,21910,32310,390
         Electrical Eqpt.2,7122,6842,7592,746
         Electric Lighting Eqpt.1,0781,0611,0771,059
         Household Appliance1,6041,5911,5311,508
     Fabricated Metal Products32,76033,41733,27533,204
     Furniture & Related Products6,5466,4926,6486,753
         Construction Machinery2,2822,3812,2912,204
         Industrial Machinery3,0872,9152,9432,792
         Material Handling Eqpt.2,9442,8763,0302,988
         Metalworking Machinery3,0302,9062,9653,264
         Mining, Oil Field & Gas Field Machinery1,0021,2041,1031,012
         Photographic Eqpt.482.0512.0497.0459.0
         Turbines, Generators & Other Power Transmission Eqpt.4,0484,1444,2074,326
         Ventilation, Heating, Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Eqpt.3,7023,6983,8483,863
     Primary Metals19,88619,78320,22720,401
         Aluminum & Nonferrous Metals8,9929,0499,1789,236
         Ferrous Metal Foundries1,3621,3411,3621,380
         Iron & Steel Mills9,5329,3939,6879,785
     Transportation Eqpt.77,22880,84477,62080,776
         Defense Aircraft & Parts3,7563,5663,3173,728
         Motor Vehicle Bodies, Parts & Trailers27,75127,74127,94428,265
         Nondefense Aircraft & Parts9,69912,98710,93612,548
         Ships & Boats3,2584,2872,6652,619
  Other Durable Goods Industries38,88139,19339,76439,940
  Nondurable Goods Industries238,256240,569243,299246,742
Note: Seasonally AdjustedSource: Link to http://fred.stlouisfed.org 
Published by   Ball State University - CBER.

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