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Budgeted Operating Funds - Statutory Basis1 (in Millions)
  Beginning Fund Balances
     Reserved or Designated400.1170.4297.1190.0226.0126.0
     Bay State Competitiveness Investment FundNANANANA
     Stabilization Fund1,379.11,652.11,556.71,248.41,252.41,291.5
  Revenues & Other Sources2
     Alcoholic Beverages76.176.378.880.883.484.8
     Inheritance & Estate293.3313.4401.5340.9399.4395.0
     Motor Fuel661.9651.6732.2756.1766.6780.4
     Public Utilities-35.9-
     Room Occupancy121.6129.2138.3150.7162.2170.1
         Motor Vehicles646.1666.9736.4789.1833.9856.8
         Sub Total Sales5,059.35,163.95,495.95,774.46,054.66,190.3
  Revenues & Other Sources -- Settlements & Judgments4NANANANANA125.0
  Revenues & Other Sources -- Tax Collections Under BenchmarksNANANANA-261
  Revenues & Other Sources -- Total Tax Revenues521,114.722,12323,37024,932.225,424.526,181
  MBTA Transfer6-779.1-786.9-799.3-970.6-986.2-992.2
  MSBA Transfer-670.5-682-727.5-764.1-798.5-813.2
  WTF Transfer7-21.4-22.2-21.2-23.6-22.8-23.1
  Total Budgeted Operating Tax Revenues19,643.720,631.921,82223,173.823,616.924,352.5
  Federal Reimbursements7,971.78,228.48,372.19,480.410,642.710,928.9
  Inter-fund Trans. from Nonbudgeted Funds & Other Sources41,032.31,548.11,555.21,729.52,029.4
  Departmental & Other Revenues3,1753,370.53,712.43,852.84,257.24,164.1
  Inter-fund Trans. from Nonbudgeted Funds & Other Sources81,756.11,548.11,555.21,729.51,848.72,257.9
  Expenditures & Uses
  Budgeted Revenues & Other Sources32,546.533,778.935,461.738,236.540,365.541,703.4
  Inter-Fund Trans.1,032.31,456.61,757735.4472.9710.1
  Total Budgeted Revenues & Other Sources33,578.835,235.537,218.738,971.940,838.442,413.5
     Direct Local Aid94,929.55,115.75,292.55,420.45,567.75,278.8
     Other Health & Human Services4,710.54,768.94,979.55,300.85,4335,732
     Group Insurance1,206.21,278.51,402.91,665.11,629.71,700.3
     Department of Elementary & Secondary Education435.9489.2515.3514.9539.3621.1
     Higher Education937.1990.81,091.51,161.61,194.31,163.5
     Department of Early Education & Care494.3483.4509.6537.7547.6563.6
     Public Safety929.7960.01,010.41,040.71,065.61,080.1
     Energy & Environmental Affairs186.8201.8215.0225.0221.4239.7
     Debt Service1,923.22,117.22,1222,190.42,174.32,437.4
  Inter-Fund Transfers to Non-Budgeted Funds
     Post Employment Benefits61,892.31,9672,050.42,213.42,503.42,638.1
     Other Program Expnd.2,898.73,006.73,293.73,113.13,240.73,039.7
     Total Programs & Services Before Trans. to Non-Budgeted Funds30,975.332,178.734,383.637,038.338,96840,379.5
     Commonwealth Care Trust Fund614.9661.2390.1NANANA
     Medical Assistance Trust Fund220.9390.9395.071.0665.6736.2
     Massachusetts Transportation Trust Fund180.1161.7270.1588.6566.8325.5
     Total Inter-Fund Trans. to Non-Budgeted Funds1,482.31,715.61,501.91,0781,486.21,551.9
  Budgeted Expnd. & Other Uses32,457.633,894.335,885.538,116.340,454.241,931.5
  Inter-Fund Trans.1,032.31,456.61,757735.4472.9710.1
  Ending Fund Balances
  Total Budgeted Expnd. & Other Uses33,489.935,350.937,642.538,851.740,927.142,641.6
  Excess of Revenues & Other Sources Over Expnd. & Other Uses88.9-115.4-423.8120.2-88.7-228.1
     Reserved or Designated8170.5297.1190.0226.0126.027.4
     Stabilization Fund1,652.11,556.71,248.41,252.41,291.51,302.9
Source: State Lottery Commission
* Table from page A-12 to A-13 of the MA Information Statement dated November 1, 2016.
1.) Totals may not add due to rounding.
2.) Some fiscal 2012 amounts were reclassified to conform to the fiscal 2013 presentation in the Statutory Basis Financial Report.
3.) Some fiscal 2014 amounts were reclassified to conform to the fiscal 2015 presentation in the Statutory Basis Financial Report.
4.)For fiscal 2012 through 2016, tax and non-tax revenue from judments and settlements in excess of $10 million is included in specific tax and non-tax revenue categories. Those amounts totaled approximately $404.4 million in fiscal 2012, $133.8 million in fiscal 2013, $436.5 million in fiscal 2014, $226.1 million in fiscal 2015 and $155.3 million in fiscal year 2016. The Executive Office for Administration and Finance currently estimates that these revenues will total $125 million in fiscal 2017, with that revenue being available for budget, as it is below the threshold above which such revenue must be transferred to the Stabilization Fund per M.G.L., Chapter 29, Section 2H.
5.) The total tax revenues for fiscal 2016 were $482 million below the benchmark estimate of $25.751 billion, plus $155.3 million in certain settlments and judgments that are not included in the consensus revenue estimate. See note 4 above, and "FISCAL 2016 AND FISCAL 2017."
6.) Beginning in fiscal 2015, the annual amount of dedicated sales tax receipts statutorily required to be credited to the MBTA was increased by $160 million.
7.) The fiscal year 2012 budget adopted changes to the Workforce Training Fund, which annually is funded through employer contributions for workforce training initiatives for incumbent workers in the private sector. Beginning in fiscal 2012 the Workforce Training Fund is not subject to annual appropriation and the employer contributions are deposited directly in the Workforce Training Fund after their collection.
8.) Inter-fund Transfers from Non-budgeted Funds and Other Sources include profits from the State Lottery, transfer of tobacco settlement funds through fiscal 2012, abandoned property proceeds as well as other inter-fund transfers.
9.) Fiscal 2016 budgeted Debt Service excludes $113 million in payments made from a non-budgeted fund that in prior fiscal years was made and in fiscal 2017 will be made from the budgeted funds.
10.) Fiscal 2016 and fiscal 2017 Post-Employment Benefits include all budgeted pension transfers and transfers to the State Retiree Benefit Trust Fund (SRBTF). Fiscal 2013 through 2015 Post-Employment Benefits include all budgeted pension transfers and transfers to the SRBTF, excluding transfers to the SRBTF attributable to tobacco settlement payments of approximately $25 million in fiscal 2013, $56 million in fiscal 2014 and $73 million in fiscal 2015.
11.) The fiscal 2016 and later budgets do not include appropriations of funding for the Health Connector because they assume that increased dedicated revenues in the CCTF, federal grants and self-generated revenues will be able to cover the full program and administrative costs.
12.) Fiscal 2016 spending assumes a spending reduction of $189 million for estimated gross payroll savings due to the early retirement incentive program.
13.) In fiscal year 2017, legislatively authorized spending after veto overrides and anticipated deficiencies in certain accounts is expected to exceed current revenue estimates. In addition, unspent appropriations authorized to be carried forward into fiscal 2017 contribute to the overall deficiency in fiscal 2017. The Executive Office for Administration and Finance will continue to monitor revenues and spending and implement measures as necessary to ensure that the Commonwealth's budget will achieve statutory balance. See "FISCAL 2016 AND FISCAL 2017 - FISCAL 2017."
14.) Consists largely of appropriations authorized to be expended in following year.
15.) Fiscal 2017 figures are projected.
Published by  MA - Debt Management.

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