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Total Population
  United StatesPopulation - Population311,663,358313,998,379316,204,908318,563,456320,896,618323,127,513
  Indiana StatewidePopulation - Population6,516,4806,537,7436,569,1026,595,2336,612,7686,633,053
     Adams, IN34,36034,365
     Allen, IN358,536360,412
     Bartholomew, IN77,81779,129
     Benton, IN8,8678,804
     Blackford, IN12,65412,502
     Boone, IN57,80558,944
     Brown, IN15,08315,083
     Carroll, IN20,05820,095
     Cass, IN38,81038,581
     Clark, IN111,520111,951
     Clay, IN26,87826,837
     Clinton, IN33,05633,022
     Crawford, IN10,65510,665
     Daviess, IN31,89632,064
     Dearborn, IN50,03649,831
     Decatur, IN25,85126,042
     DeKalb, IN42,43342,321
     Delaware, IN117,784117,364
     Dubois, IN42,18242,071
     Elkhart, IN198,700199,619
     Fayette, IN24,15624,029
     Floyd, IN75,00675,283
     Fountain, IN17,13517,119
     Franklin, IN22,98222,969
     Fulton, IN20,80420,737
     Gibson, IN33,50733,458
     Grant, IN69,67569,330
     Greene, IN33,06132,940
     Hamilton, IN283,201289,495
     Hancock, IN70,47770,933
     Harrison, IN39,24539,134
     Hendricks, IN148,433150,434
     Henry, IN49,38649,345
     Howard, IN82,81782,849
     Huntington, IN37,18436,987
     Jackson, IN42,93043,083
     Jasper, IN33,42433,456
     Jay, IN21,35221,366
     Jefferson, IN32,35332,554
     Jennings, IN28,19928,161
     Johnson, IN141,439143,191
     Knox, IN38,45038,122
     Kosciusko, IN77,35677,609
     LaGrange, IN37,43537,521
     Lake, IN495,153493,618
     LaPorte, IN111,263111,246
     Lawrence, IN46,07346,078
     Madison, IN131,089130,348
     Marion, IN911,005918,977
     Marshall, IN47,04447,024
     Martin, IN10,30210,260
     Miami, IN36,57536,486
     Monroe, IN140,063141,019
     Montgomery, IN38,33138,254
     Morgan, IN69,17769,356
     Newton, IN14,13114,044
     Noble, IN47,52347,582
     Ohio, IN6,0776,079
     Orange, IN19,88519,690
     Owen, IN21,54721,380
     Parke, IN17,10017,069
     Perry, IN19,47519,462
     Pike, IN12,75112,766
     Porter, IN165,574165,682
     Posey, IN25,70425,599
     Pulaski, IN13,30713,124
     Putnam, IN37,92137,750
     Randolph, IN26,00125,815
     Ripley, IN28,78128,583
     Rush, IN17,29417,095
     Scott, IN23,98423,791
     Shelby, IN44,42344,471
     Spencer, IN21,04620,837
     St. Joseph, IN266,661266,344
     Starke, IN23,23423,213
     Steuben, IN34,06434,124
     Sullivan, IN21,25221,188
     Switzerland, IN10,57110,424
     Tippecanoe, IN175,173177,513
     Tipton, IN15,82915,695
     Union, IN7,4757,362
     Vanderburgh, IN180,330180,858
     Vermillion, IN16,15916,040
     Vigo, IN108,287108,428
     Wabash, IN32,55432,361
     Warren, IN8,4678,342
     Warrick, IN60,27260,463
     Washington, IN28,18427,921
     Wayne, IN68,69368,346
     Wells, IN27,71427,652
     White, IN24,52924,426
     Whitley, IN33,31833,342
Source: Link to http://www.hoosierdata.in.gov 
Published by   Ball State University - CBER.

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