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Other Health & Human Services
-Budgeted Operating Funds (in Millions)
  Office of Health Services
     Department of Mental Health598.2613.1638.1663.0682.4737.5
     Department of Public Health488.1488.3507.8547.7518.7545.8
     Division of Healthcare & Finance Policy14.814.
     Sub Total1,101.11,115.51,149.61,210.71,201.21,283.4
  Office of Children, Youth and Family Services
     Department of Children & Families741.6741.6748.8795.5876.4925.8
     Department of Transitional Assistance736.7733.6723.3693.8660.9678.7
     Department of Youth Services142.1141.2150.8160.6168.3177.0
     Office for Refugees & Immigrants1.
     Sub Total1,621.41,616.81,623.21,650.81,706.71,781.9
  Office of Disabilities and Community Services
     Department of Developmental Services1,278.51,314.61,352.21,466.81,678.91,766.4
     Sub Total1,403.11,441.41,472.61,590.91,808.81,842.5
  Department of Elder Affairs250.2265.8248.2260.1291.7284.7
  Executive Office of Health & Human Services1210.1240.5242.0254.6278.1299.5
  Veterans' Services328.930.533.312.614.466.6
  Sub Total489.2536.8523.5527.2584.2650.8
  Budgeted Expenditures & Other Uses4,614.84,710.54,768.94,979.55,300.85,558.6
Source: Fiscal 2011-2015 Office of the State Comptroller; fiscal 2016, Executive Office for Administration and Finance.
* Table from page A-29 of the MA Information Statement dated May 24, 2016.
1.) Cost containment legislation enacted in 2012 dissolved the Division and shifted its responsibilities to EHS, MassHealth and a newly created Center for Health Information and Analysis (CHIA). CHIA is an independent agency funded through an industry assessment beginning in fiscal 2014 and is no longer part of the Office of Health Services.
2.) Includes Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission, Massachusetts Commission for the Blind, Massachusetts Commision for the Deaf andHard of Hearing, Chelsea Soldier's Home, and Holyoke Soldier's Home.
3.) Includes Medicaid program administration
4.) The fiscal 2015 budget transferred the Soldiers Homes in Chelsea and Holyoke from the Office of Disabilities and Community Services to Veteran's Services. Projected fiscal 2016 includes Chelsea Soldiers' Home and Holyoke Soldiers' Home. Beginning in fiscal 2014, Veterans' Services spending does not include verterans' annuities spending, which is caputured under local aid spending.

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