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Overview of Fiscal 2016
Non-Segregated Operating Cash Flow1 (in Millions)
Jul 2015Aug 2015Sep 2015Oct 2015Nov 2015Dec 2015Jan 2016Feb 2016Mar 2016Apr 2016May 2016Jun 2016
  Opening Non-Segregated Operating Cash Balance2,140.61,380.2551.41,951.61,421.1787.81,029.81,487.5900.0696.92,103.11,370.3
  Operating Activities:
     Budgetary Funds:
        Transfer from/(to) Stabilization Fund0.0-
        Total Budgetary Revenue/Inflows3,258.73,147.13,5513,939.93,214.33,566.23,895.92,736.93,871.64,757.53,284.44,179.6
        Total Budgetary Expenditures/Outflows3,950.33,356.13,061.53,579.13,283.72,961.33,151.83,334.43,895.23,148.83,5282,816.2
        Net Budgetary Funds-691.6-209489.5-639.3-69.3604.9744.1-597.5-23.71,608.7-243.61,363.3
     Non Budgetary Funds (Non Budgetary, Higher Ed & Trust Funds):
        Total Non Budgetary Revenue/Inflows1,218.9834.9700.61,031.1929.8728.5801.11,074.2904.91,207.9987.91,064.8
        Total Non Budgetary Expenditures/Outflows1,166.81,145.81,040.5923.81,684.11,2741,048.31,023.21,1721,065.61,041.81,178.5
        Net Non Budgetary Funds52.1-310.9-340107.3-754.3-546.6-247.251.0-267.1142.3-54.0-113.7
     Net Undesignated Revenue/Inflows & Expenditures/Outflows1.31.715.
     Net Operating Activities-638.2-518.3165.4-530.4-822.161.4497.7-545.5-289.81,752-296.61,250.6
  Federal Grants:
     Total Federal Grants Revenue/Inflows155.5177.8200.3143.0103.9155.3204.8185.0190.0185.0190.0215.0
     Total Federal Grants Expenditures/Outflows193.1203.8139.3166.7196.8211.6189.2168.7221.3178.7210.3198.6
     Net Federal Grants-37.7-25.961.0-23.7-92.9-56.315.616.3-31.36.3-20.316.4
  Capital Funds:
     Total Capital Revenue/Inflows284.3123.7281.3268.0386.2538.4171.8212.6430.0311.0258.0632.0
     Total Capital Expenditures/Outflows368.8405.3307.7244.4304.5301.4227.1271.0312.0260.0271.0445.0
     Net Capital Funds-84.5284.5-26.423.681.7237.0-55.2-58.4118.051.0-13.0187.0
  Financing Activities:
     Cash Flow Financing Activities Inflows:
        Commercial Paper0.
        Revenue Anticipation Notes (RANS)0.00.01,2000.
        Total Cash Flow Financing Activities Inflows0.00.01,2000.0200.
     Cash Flow Financing Activities Outflows:
        Commercial Paper - (Principal + Interest)
        RANS - (Principal + Interest)
        Total Cash Flow Financing Activities Outflows0.
     Net Financing Activities0.00.01,2000.0200.0-0.01-
  Ending Non-Segregated Operating Cash Balance1,380.2551.51,951.61,421.1787.81,029.81,487.5900.0696.9-2,103.21,370.32,220.3
Source: Office of the Treasurer and Receiver-General.
* Table from page A-66 of the MA Information Statement Supplement dated May 24, 2016.
1.) Totals may not add due to rounding.
2.) Figures are estimated November 2015 to June 2016.
Published by  MA - Debt Management.

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