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MA Wages & Salaries by Sector
2016 Q22016 Q32016 Q42017 Q12017 Q22017 Q3
  Durable Manufacturing18,372,25620,178,81617,765,04819,516,15518,476,79018,605,555
  Nondurable Manufacturing7,388,1847,608,9927,265,2687,032,2137,299,8607,336,401
  Wholesale Trade13,632,34813,684,62813,319,14813,958,82213,750,19813,943,834
  Retail Trade13,907,74413,942,14413,717,03214,061,61014,141,03714,147,500
  Transportation & Warehousing5,330,4205,474,3685,499,2005,567,7405,611,5285,606,625
  Finance & Insurance29,196,36831,200,65628,096,06428,752,05630,342,47330,768,598
  Real Estate, Rental & Leasing4,021,4323,895,2364,018,6964,106,3564,033,6624,109,049
  Professional & Technical Services41,255,84842,861,08842,422,29644,437,65344,277,76244,739,069
  Management of Companies & Enterprises9,979,57211,016,2689,733,64410,322,3249,632,1699,774,212
  Administrative & Waste Services9,662,0489,688,0929,525,1489,711,9759,849,5259,967,674
  Educational Services12,521,54412,699,89612,661,81212,954,33212,840,22112,998,321
  Health Care & Social Assistance41,060,14041,043,74040,969,13641,833,87041,902,06842,506,058
  Arts, Entertainment & Recreation2,881,6882,994,3523,036,8883,052,6892,977,4092,948,062
  Accommodation & Food Services9,252,1649,456,7769,375,1889,506,3619,707,5859,800,977
  Forestry, Fishing, Related Activities & Other270,764300,408293,000301,449289,128312,748
  Other Services (Except Public Administration)7,175,3287,286,3487,136,4167,245,0157,202,5477,283,693
Source: Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.
 1.) Millions of US$ (Not Seasonally Adjusted)
Source: Link to http://fred.stlouisfed.org 
Published by   MA - Debt Management.

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