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Overview of Fiscal 2015
Non-Segregated Operating Cash Flow1 (in Millions)
  Opening Non-Segregated Operating Cash Balance
  Operating Activities:
     Budgetary Funds:
        Transfer from/(to) Stabilization Fund
        Total Budgetary Revenue/Inflows
        Total Budgetary Expenditures/Outflows
        Net Budgetary Funds
     Non Budgetary Funds (Non Budgetary, Higher Ed & Trust Funds):
        Total Non Budgetary Revenue/Inflows
        Total Non Budgetary Expenditures/Outflows
        Net Non Budgetary Funds
     Net Undesignated Revenue/Inflows & Expenditures/Outflows
     Net Operating Activities
  Federal Grants:
     Total Federal Grants Revenue/Inflows
     Total Federal Grants Expenditures/Outflows
     Net Federal Grants
  Capital Funds:
     Total Capital Revenue/Inflows
     Total Capital Expenditures/Outflows
     Net Capital Funds
  Financing Activities:
     Cash Flow Financing Activities Inflows:
        Commercial Paper
        Revenue Anticipation Notes (RANS)
        Total Cash Flow Financing Activities Inflows
     Cash Flow Financing Activities Outflows:
        Commercial Paper - (Principal + Interest)
        RANS - (Principal + Interest)
        Total Cash Flow Financing Activities Outflows
     Net Financing Activities
  Ending Non-Segregated Operating Cash Balance
Source: Office of the Treasurer and Receiver-General.
* Table from page A-70 of the MA Information Statement Supplement dated May 24, 2016.
1.) Totals may not add due to rounding.
Published by  MA - Debt Management.

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