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MA Employment by Sector
Dec 2019Jan 2020Feb 2020Mar 2020Apr 2020May 2020
  Private Service Providing2,8362,776.42,783.22,747.32,255.82,312.8
     Mining & Logging1.
     Non-Durable Goods86.685.686.286.172.976.3
     Wholesale Trade125.0125.5124.3123.1106.5109.5
     Retail Trade359.4349.9343.5343.1273.2278.5
     Transportation & Warehousing97.693.191.388.562.164.7
     Finance & Insurance175.7175.4175.6175.7173.5174.4
     Real Estate & Rental & Leasing48.147.847.848.145.646.1
     Professional, Scientific & Technical Services348.8345.8348.4347.0330.3333.0
     Management of Companies & Enterprises74.173.873.774.171.270.4
     Administrative & Waste Management Services176.8166.4165.7167.4153.3160.1
     Educational Services177.4159.6176.1172.5157.1149.6
     Health Care & Social Assistance646.9648.1646.8644.5567.4577.9
     Leisure & Hospitality363.9350.2349.9326.9127.0155.5
     Arts, Entertainment & Recreation57.
     Accommodation & Food Services306.9297.1297.8275.6107.9137.3
     Other Services136.8135.5135.2131.585.292.2
Source:Link to http://data.bls.govSource: United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics.
 1.) All Employees in Thousands (Not Seasonally Adjusted)
Published by  MA - Debt Management.

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