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State Workforce
  Executive Office76.
  Office of the Comptroller113.0109.0111.0113.0109.0
  Executive Departments
     Administration and Finance2,6792,7842,8232,8822,983
     Energy and Environmental Affairs11,9601,9491,9151,9001,907
     Health and Human Services19,43519,39719,37919,69920,096
     Transportation and Public Works4NANANANA
     Board of Library Commissioners10.
     Housing and Economic Development1673.0677.0684.0702.0699.0
     Labor and Workforce Development1269.0262.0236.0250.0234.0
     Executive Office of Education3318.0322.0359.0523.0399.0
     Public Safety and Security8,2598,5348,6268,8158,627
     Elder Affairs39.
  Subtotal Under Governor's Authority33,83134,15034,24935,00535,173
  Higher Education12,94012,53912,95713,84014,111
  Subtotal Funded by the Operating Budget63,99163,85864,77966,63867,241
  Federal Grant, Trust and Capital Funded20,07820,65420,65019,96320,597
Source: Executive Office for Administration and Finance.
* Table from page A-52 of the MA Information Statement dated May 24, 2016.
1.) Other includes members of the Legislature and their staff, the offices of the State Treasurer, Secretary, Auditor and Attorney General, the eleven District Attorneys, the seven former county sheriffs that have become state agencies, and other agencies independent from the Governor.
2.) June 2015 figures do not take into account the approximately 2,500 executive branch employees who took advantage of the Early Retirement Incentive Program (ERIP) and left the state workforce as of July 1, 2015.
Published by  MA - Debt Management.

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