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dataZoa Quick-Start Tutorial

dataZoa is...

Your own Datacenter to:
  • Access and monitor over 3 billion dynamic data series from public sites and other dataZoa publishers
  • Upload, store and update your own data series
  • Utilize these data to feed your own dynamically updating charts and tables
  • Share your chosen data privately, e.g., by email address of recipient/subscriber
  • Share other data publicly, enabling this data and your site to be found by search engines
  • Easily embed your charts and tables into your web site, blog or intranet
  • Create and share dZBoards - private or public data dashboards viewable on iPhone, iPad, Android or PCs
  • Follow dataZoa tables and charts you find on the web in your own dataZoa account

The dZ-Viewer™(also known as dataZephyr™) is...

  • A Unique desktop software tool for accessing the same 3 billion data series from public sites
  • A "Browser for Time Series"
  • A "Spreadsheet for Time Series"
  • A Tool for creating galleries of downloadable graphic worksheets which stay current with dynamic data sources
See an image of a live worksheet in the dZ-Viewer

Video: Watch dataZephyr-Pro in Action Applied to Airport Data (6 minutes 11 seconds)

1. Accessing Public Data

dataZoa's unique dZ-Dot™ offers access to over 3 billion public data series

Images of the dZ-Dot giving instant data access to global public data sites:

   DZ Dots and DZ Dot Menu on Federal Reserve Site
   DZ Dots on BLS Data Page
   DZ Dots on ECB Euro area economic and financial data
   DZ Dots on BIS Locational Banking Statistics page
   DZ Dots on INSEE
   DZ Dots on OECD
   DZ-Dot on Latvia Query Pages
   DZ-Dot menu on Latvia Query Pages

Video: Accessing public data with the dZ-Dot

Video: Pulling data from the EIA.gov into dataZoa and the dZ-Viewer with the dZ-Dot

2. Accessing Data from dataZoa Tables

Dynamic data series are directly accessible from dataZoa tables

Three easy ways to access dynamic data from dataZoa tables*:

   Hover over the grey DZ-Dot and use the menu
   Directly drag primary series from tables into the dZ-Viewer or dataZoa (Video)
   Follow all series in your dataZoa account

*Publishers have the ability to switch table data access features on or off.

3. Creating dataZoa tables and charts

Create embeddable tables and charts which update automatically with new data

Video: Accessing public data then building a dataZoa table
(Table construction example starts a 6:15 minutes into this video.)

4. Creating and sharing dZBoards

Dynamically updating, one-touch dashboards for your iPhone, iPad, Android, PC and Mac

Video: Creating a dZBoard with dZBoards 1.0 (6 minutes)

Video: In-Depth Webinar on creating dZBoards with dZBoards 2.0 (39 minutes)

5. Following dataZoa tables and charts in your own account

Follow tables and charts from dataZoa publishers on your "Latest Arrivals" board

6. Get the dZ-Dot browser addon

Click here to get the dZ-Dot addon for your browser

7. Get the dZ-Viewer

Click here to get the dZ-Viewer

Bring your data to life!