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Do Even More with the dataZoa Viewer

Download the free dataZoa Viewer, and enjoy viewing, comparing and crunching your data -- saving and sharing unlimited worksheets, which update automatically from your dataZoa account, public dataZoa tables, and dZ-Dot supported sites.

Want to suggest a data source or your own site to the folks at dataZoa?

Go for it! Just suggest a site and we'll keep you posted as we add new ones!

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Need help uploading your data?

Most people copy and paste data from their spreadsheet into the dataZoa upload window to the left.

to learn more about DataZoa Upload formats including how to add units, footnotes and other data descriptors.

Click here for some upload examples...

Click one of the sample links below to see examples of common data upload formats (use the Clear Button to clear these examples out of the data upload window).

A simple series...

Replacing Series while preserving their Series Keys...

You can replace the contents of Series entirely but keep all references in place in your charts and tables.

A common application for this is when you have a spreadsheet of data that you routinely copy and paste into dataZoa.

After you have uploaded the spreadsheet the first time, just use the Workbench to Export the series to a file. The file header will have a row of series keys you can then add to your spreadsheet to use from then on.

Like this... Original:    With Keys:

Automate your uploads with the dataZoa API...

With the dataZoa API, you can automate your data transfers. If you have important recurrent updates, your systems can cooperate with dataZoa for enhanced reliability, timeliness and accuracy.
the dataZoa API documentation or download it here.