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Data Sources > Industry

US National Data by Industry
Advance Monthly Sales for Retail and Food Services - by Type of Establishment
 (US Census)
Building Permits by County or Place; Monthly and Annual
 - U.S. Census
Building Permits by Metropolitan Area; Monthly
 - U.S. Census
Building Permits by Regions, Division, State and Nation; Monthly
 - U.S. Census
Construction Spending - Monthly
 (US Census)
County, State, Zip Code & National Business Patterns by NAICS Industry Code
 - U.S. Census
Manufactured Homes Survey
 (US Census)
Manufacturers Shipments, Inventory and Orders - Monthly by Industry
 (US Census)
Manufacturing and Trade Inventories and Sales - Monthly
 (US Census)
Monthy Retail Trade and Food Services - by Type of Establishment
 (US Census)
Monthly Wholesale Trade: Sales and Inventories - by Industry
 (US Census)
New Home Sales
 (US Census)
New Residential Construction
 - U.S. Census
Quarterly Financial Report - Detailed Financial Data by Sector
 (US Census)
Quarterly Services Survey - by Sector with Revenue by Major Sector
 (US Census)
Quarterly Summary of State & Local Taxes - by State and Type of Tax
 (US Census)
Quarterly Survey of Public Pensions - Revenues, Withdrawals and Holdings by Type
 (US Census)
US International Trade in Goods and Services
 (US Census)
US National Wage Data by Industry
National Industry-Specific Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates (OES)

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