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What the world is saying about dataZoa

"The dataZoa Suite is an excellent data management and presentation system, allowing one to capture data from a large number of diverse data sources and provides a single platform for downloading, transforming, and presenting data for analysis and web presentation.

In addition, and which is most important, the customer and technical service staff are excellent. I highly recommend this comprehensive data analysis and presentation product to anyone involved with presenting key data series and/or socio-economic indicators and indexes."

Anthony Andrews, Director
International Business & Global Trade Research Institute
Governors State University
University Park, IL 60466-0975 USA

"Before adopting dataZoa, we were using Excel spreadsheets and converting them to html files to provide data content on our website. The process was cumbersome and made it difficult to keep data up-to-date. We did not have the resources to develop our own online data engine.

Working with LMT is efficient. I always receive timely, thoughtful replies when I make requests or need help, even when my questions happen to have incredibly simple solutions.

The dZ-Dot makes using data from outside sources incredibly easy, which makes dataZoa much more useful. The tools make it easy to take the information from the dZ-Dot downloads (or that we upload from our own data sources) and create tables and charts, and to allow users to download data or see it in charts (if we allow them to do so).

The control over how the data is presented is also important to us. We have some proprietary housing data that we aren't allowed to show the history. As per agreement with the company providing the data to us, we reveal only the most recent month and the percent changes from the previous month and a year earlier.

One of the great features is the automatic update. This feature saves us from having to find all the data for each series every month and updating the tables. The series provided through the dZ-Dot are updated automatically.

We do update some of own specialized series manually, but this process is relatively easy, and the most current data are added to the tables and charts automatically when we update each series.

The end result is a program that allows us to present our economic data in a format that is accessible to the public and saves us the time and tedium of recreating the same tables and charts every month."

Stephen P. A. Brown, PhD
Professor of Economics & Director, Center for Business & Economic Research
Lee Business School - BEH 205
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

"I am just beginning to realize the potential of dataZoa. I have my website up, with several DZ charts and tables, but am working on additional ones to add.

I appreciate your support and love dataZoa!"

Joan Snoderly
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Tennessee State Data Center

"First off… this is my new favorite tool!

I was able to pull data that would have taken weeks to pull and now it’s updated automatically, love it."

Dewayne Washington, Business Intelligence Manager
Dallas/Forth Worth Airport

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Most people copy and paste data from their spreadsheet into the dataZoa upload window to the left.

to learn more about DataZoa Upload formats including how to add units, footnotes and other data descriptors.

Click here for some upload examples...

Click one of the sample links below to see examples of common data upload formats (use the Clear Button to clear these examples out of the data upload window).

A simple series...

Replacing Series while preserving their Series Keys...

You can replace the contents of Series entirely but keep all references in place in your charts and tables.

A common application for this is when you have a spreadsheet of data that you routinely copy and paste into dataZoa.

After you have uploaded the spreadsheet the first time, just use the Workbench to Export the series to a file. The file header will have a row of series keys you can then add to your spreadsheet to use from then on.

Like this... Original:    With Keys:

Automate your uploads with the dataZoa API...

With the dataZoa API, you can automate your data transfers. If you have important recurrent updates, your systems can cooperate with dataZoa for enhanced reliability, timeliness and accuracy.
the dataZoa API documentation or download it here.