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About dataZoa

As Reported by the Wall Street Journal (May 7, 2013):

"On Twitter you can follow this or that person and with dataZoa you can follow numbers"

Fulfilling the Promise of Open Data - Over 3 Billion Live Data Series

Today's Web is filled with Open Data - hundreds of authoritative, original data sources, freely accessible to everyone.

Before dataZoa, the actual practice of using Open Data sources was time-consuming, messy and painful. A major portion of time was wasted on "data drudgery"; cleaning, aligning, pasting, re-typing and such. All before any real thought or analysis could begin.

dataZoa solves this problem head-on, with its radically simple Drag, Build, and Share approach.

The promise of Open Data is that we can actively incorporate these sources into our day-to-day business and policy decisions.

For people who work with Open Data:

datazoa's Mission is to Erase the Pain and Fulfill the Promise of Open Data

dataZoa in brief...

It all starts with dataZoa's path-breaking dZ-Dot
browser add-on.

The add-on precedes you as you visit any of hundreds of supported sites, cleans up the available data, and places the dZ-Dot next to it, showing that it's ready to Drag into your dataZoa account.

Once you've dragged data into your account, you can Build calculations, displays and dashboards, freely inter-mixing any and all data sources as you see fit.

At any point, you can Share your work, with a simple SMS or email message, blog posting or formal website display.

Importantly, as the real-world data changes, your data, computations and displays all change with it, updating automatically.
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Drag, Build and Share...

Drag: Open Data from around the Web

  • Choose among billions of supported data series
  • Mix data from hundreds of authoritative data sites
  • Drag the data once, stay current forever
  • Upload and mix-in your own data.

dataZoa's unique dZ-Dot offers access to billions of public data series.
For example, this screenshot shows the dZ-Dot in place at the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

American FactFinder (AFF) ENDS March, 2020!
Energy Information Agency (EIA)
FBI Uniform Crime Report (UCR)
National Cancer Institute State Profiles
Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA)
Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)

Drag-and-Drop Open Data:  A few Examples...

Build: Calculations, Displays and Dashboards

  • Powerful Formulas - Calculations that handle time series naturally, update automatically, feed other calculations.
    • For example, build a regional composite of commuter data from three separate States.
    • Your dZCalculation blends the three sources into a regional composite, which in turn can feed other calculations.
  • Rich Displays - Tables , Charts , LatestValues , even scrollable dataBlocks
    • Put the authoritative State data alongside your new regional composite into a chart or table.
    • As the State data changes, the calculation and the display update automatically to reflect the new reality.
  • Live Dashboards - to offer a complete narrative
    • Combine key displays, along with captions, weblinks, videos .

Share: With friends, colleagues, or the world at large

  • SMS or Email live Charts or Tables in one click
  • Publish Displays and Dashboards to Websites and Blogs
  • Share Data, Displays and Dashboards privately - You have complete control over who can see your work
  • Feed Spreadsheets automatically - send a dataZoa display to a Spreadsheet and it becomes an integrated part of your workflow
A closer look at your dataZoa Account...

Your dataZoa account offers:

  • Your own live, updating data collection: A single, uniform, cost-effective way to work with Open Data. You now spend the majority of your time thinking, evaluating and disseminating valuable information rather than sorting through it and preparing it.
  • Live data in your pocket: dataZoa tables and charts can be quickly composed into public or private dZBoards.
    Share and view these dashboards on iPhones, iPads, Android devices and PCs.

Questions? Contact us...

Have questions? Feel free to write to us here or...

Contact us at:

Leading Market Technologies, Inc.
58 Winter Street
Boston, MA 02108
Phone: (617) 494-4747
Fax: (617) 494-4788
Email: LMT@LMTECH.com

Thanks and Attributions...

jQuery utilized under the MIT License.
Certain icons courtesy aha-soft.com.
Certain icons courtesy WebHostingHub.

Copyright © 2000-2021 Leading Market Technologies, Inc.
All rights reserved. Patents pending.
Paste, Drag, or Type Your Data Here:
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Need help uploading your data?

Most people copy and paste data from their spreadsheet into the dataZoa upload window to the left.

to learn more about DataZoa Upload formats including how to add units, footnotes and other data descriptors.

Click here for some upload examples...

Click one of the sample links below to see examples of common data upload formats (use the Clear Button to clear these examples out of the data upload window).

A simple series...

Replacing Series while preserving their Series Keys...

You can replace the contents of Series entirely but keep all references in place in your charts and tables.

A common application for this is when you have a spreadsheet of data that you routinely copy and paste into dataZoa.

After you have uploaded the spreadsheet the first time, just use the Workbench to Export the series to a file. The file header will have a row of series keys you can then add to your spreadsheet to use from then on.

Like this... Original:    With Keys:

Automate your uploads with the dataZoa API...

With the dataZoa API, you can automate your data transfers. If you have important recurrent updates, your systems can cooperate with dataZoa for enhanced reliability, timeliness and accuracy.
the dataZoa API documentation or download it here.