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What is the dZMirror?

An Excel Add-in which lets you embed live-linked cells from dataZoa tables into Excel spreadsheets.

When mirroring a dataZoa table in a spreadsheet, each cell in the table becomes an actual cell in the spreadsheet. Because all of the dataZoa cells update automatically, formulas in the spreadsheet which reference those cells update automatically as well.

Get the dZMirror Add-in file:   dZMirror.xlam
  • Right-click the above link and use the Save link as... option to save a copy of the Add-in file to your computer.
  • We recommended you save the Add-in file to a directory of its own which shouldn't be moved or renamed in the future.
After downloading the dZMirror Add-in file:
  1. Open Microsoft Excel, click the File menu in the upper-left corner and select Options.
  2. In the resulting options window, choose Add-ins on the left side.
  3. At the bottom of the window ensure the Manage option is set to Excel Add-ins and click the Go... button.
  4. In the new window click Browse..., locate the dZMirror.xlam file you downloaded and click OK.
  5. Ensure that dataZoa is checked in the list of Add-ins and click OK.
  6. You will be prompted with a security warning asking if you want to enable data connections from the Add-in, click Enable.
Important Note: The data connections warning will appear each time you open Excel. To avoid this warning we suggest that you change Excel's secuity settings to set the dZMirror Add-in directory as a "Trusted Location". Alternatively, you could enable All Data Connections, but this will affect more then just the dZMirror Add-in so it's not recommended.
After downloading and installing the dZMirror Add-in file:
  1. Open Microsoft Excel, click the File menu in the upper-left corner and select Options.
  2. In the resulting options window, choose Trust Center on the left side.
  3. Click the Trust Center Settings... button.
  4. In the new window choose Trusted Locations on the left then click the Add new location... button.
  5. Browse to the directory where you saved the dZMirror.xlam Add-in file and click OK.

Getting Started

  • Click the dZMirror icon in the footer of any dataZoa table you wish to mirror, revealing the table's identifier, which you'll need to copy.
  • In Excel, highlight the cell you want to become the top-left corner of your mirrored table and press the dataZoa Insert Table button dZMirror
  • Paste the copied table's identifier into the resulting form, select an update frequency and click OK.dZMirror
  • You can now save your spreadsheet. The mirrored table will be checked for updates when the spreadsheet is re-opened and periodically based on the selected frequency.
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Replacing Series while preserving their Series Keys...

You can replace the contents of Series entirely but keep all references in place in your charts and tables.

A common application for this is when you have a spreadsheet of data that you routinely copy and paste into dataZoa.

After you have uploaded the spreadsheet the first time, just use the Workbench to Export the series to a file. The file header will have a row of series keys you can then add to your spreadsheet to use from then on.

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Automate your uploads with the dataZoa API...

With the dataZoa API, you can automate your data transfers. If you have important recurrent updates, your systems can cooperate with dataZoa for enhanced reliability, timeliness and accuracy.
the dataZoa API documentation or download it here.