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CES Maryland Not Seasonally Adjusted (in thousands)Aug 2020Sep 2020
Total Nonfarm 2,587.12,604.5
  Pct Chg from Month Ago0.39%0.67%
Total Private 2,113.92,125
  Pct Chg from Month Ago0.49%0.53%
Mining, Logging and Construction 175.3174.5
  Pct Chg from Month Ago0.46%-0.46%
Mining and Logging 1.21.2
  Pct Chg from Month Ago0.00%0.00%
Construction 174.1173.3
  Pct Chg from Month Ago0.46%-0.46%
Manufacturing 106.3107.8
  Pct Chg from Month Ago-0.19%1.41%
Durable Goods 55.856.6
  Pct Chg from Month Ago-1.76%1.43%
Non-Durable Goods 50.551.2
  Pct Chg from Month Ago1.61%1.39%
Trade, Transportation, and Utilities 441.8447.7
  Pct Chg from Month Ago0.75%1.34%
Wholesale Trade 83.484.5
  Pct Chg from Month Ago0.36%1.32%
Retail Trade 269.7271.1
  Pct Chg from Month Ago1.16%0.52%
Transportation, Warehousing, and Utilities 88.792.1
  Pct Chg from Month Ago-0.11%3.83%
Information 29.429.7
  Pct Chg from Month Ago-0.34%1.02%
Financial Activities 141.7141.1
  Pct Chg from Month Ago1.07%-0.42%
Finance and Insurance 98.598.5
  Pct Chg from Month Ago0.51%0.00%
Real Estate and Rental and Leasing 43.242.6
  Pct Chg from Month Ago2.37%-1.39%
Professional and Business Services 442.3442.1
  Pct Chg from Month Ago0.36%-0.05%
Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services 259.4255.0
  Pct Chg from Month Ago0.23%-1.70%
Management of Companies and Enterprises 25.725.4
  Pct Chg from Month Ago-0.39%-1.17%
Administrative and Support and Waste Management and Remediation Services 157.2161.7
  Pct Chg from Month Ago0.70%2.86%
Education and Health Services 429.7437.0
  Pct Chg from Month Ago-0.19%1.70%
Educational Services 81.284.5
  Pct Chg from Month Ago-0.37%4.06%
Health Care and Social Assistance 348.5352.5
  Pct Chg from Month Ago-0.14%1.15%
Leisure and Hospitality 237.8236.7
  Pct Chg from Month Ago0.38%-0.46%
Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation 40.035.5
  Pct Chg from Month Ago-1.23%-11.25%
Accommodation and Food Services 197.8201.2
  Pct Chg from Month Ago0.71%1.72%
Other Services 109.6108.4
  Pct Chg from Month Ago3.10%-1.09%
Government 473.2479.5
  Pct Chg from Month Ago-0.06%1.33%
Federal Government 153.4153.9
  Pct Chg from Month Ago2.88%0.33%
State Government 100.0103.5
  Pct Chg from Month Ago2.67%3.50%
Local Government 219.8222.1
  Pct Chg from Month Ago-3.17%1.05%
Published by  MD Office of Workforce Information & Performance.Powered by dataZoa

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