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Arizona Forecast201720182019202020212022
Personal Income ($ mil)291,698.5305,736.6325,053.9344,860.1364,422.4385,436.4
  % Chg from Year Ago4.1%4.8%6.3%6.1%5.7%5.8%
Retail Sales ($mil)99,866.1104,810.0109,629.0114,637.0119,356.0124,375.0
  % Chg from Year Ago5.4%5.0%4.6%4.6%4.1%4.2%
Total Nonfarm Employment (000s)2,772.52,845.32,916.32,981.53,035.53,088.8
  % Chg from Year Ago2.4%2.6%2.5%2.2%1.8%1.8%
Population (000s), July 1st estimates6,965.97,073.97,188.27,302.07,415.97,531.0
  % Chg from Year Ago1.9%1.6%1.6%1.6%1.6%1.6%
Residential Building Permits (units)39,472.041,737.843,268.243,426.243,474.443,614.9
  % Chg from Year Ago10.9%5.7%3.7%0.4%0.1%0.3%
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