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Yuma MSA (Yuma County) - annual data20132014201520162017
Population, ADOA*209,323212,012214,991217,730221,648
  % Chg from Year Ago2.02 1.28 1.41 1.27 1.80 
Total Personal Income ($000)5,926,5075,894,8736,468,7816,860,818
  % Chg from Year Ago5.96 -0.53 9.74 6.06 
Per Capita Personal Income ($)**29,36129,02331,75533,365
  % Chg from Year Ago6.13 -1.15 9.41 5.07 
Total Wages & Salaries, ($000s), BEA***2,544,085
  % Chg from Prior1.74 
Total Wage & Salary Employment (# jobs), BEA***69,491
  % Chg from Year Ago0.69 
Average Wage per Job, $, BEA***36,610
  % Chg from Year Ago1.05 
*Population counts as of July 1st of each year. ADOA population estimates differ from the official Census Bureau estimates. EBR considers the ADOA counts to be the most accurate.
**BEA per capita personal income is calculated using Census Bureau population counts.
***The employment estimates used to compute the average wage are a job, not person, count. People holding more than one job are counted in the employment estimates for each job they hold. Geographic Note: La Paz County, AZ was separated from Yuma County on January 1, 1983. The Yuma, AZ MSA contains the area that became La Paz County, AZ through 1982 and excludes it beginning with 1983. Note: All dollar estimates are in current dollars (not adjusted for inflation).
Published by  Economic and Business Research Center, The University of Arizona.