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Fiscal Year 2016 Capital Budget (in Millions)
  Bond Cap
     Administration & Finance126.2
     Capital Asset Management492.8
     Energy & Environmental Affairs200.7
     Housing & Community Development200.2
     Housing & Economic Development142.5
     Public Safety18.7
     All Agencies2,190
  Project Financed
     Administration & Finance10.0
     Capital Asset Management24.2
     Energy & Environmental Affairs0.0
     Housing & Community Development0.0
     Housing & Economic Development0.0
     Public Safety1.2
     All Agencies77.7
  Federal Funds
     Administration & Finance0.0
     Capital Asset Management1.4
     Energy & Environmental Affairs2.2
     Housing & Community Development3.0
     Housing & Economic Development0.0
     Public Safety0.0
     All Agencies877.6
  Other Funds
     Administration & Finance70.0
     Capital Asset Management58.3
     Energy & Environmental Affairs21.8
     Housing & Community Development10.0
     Housing & Economic Development4.9
     Public Safety0.0
     All Agencies1,000.7
     Administration & Finance206.2
     Energy & Environmental Affairs224.7
     Housing & Community Development213.2
     Housing & Economic Development147.4
     Public Safety21.0
     All Agencies4,146
Executive Office for Administration and Finance.
* Table from page A-88 of the MA Information Statement Supplement dated May 24, 2016.
1.) Totals may not add due to rounding.
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