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Nov 2019Dec 2019Jan 2020Feb 2020Mar 2020Apr 2020
   Oil and gas extraction138.3139.0130.4109.883.854.0
   Mining (except oil & gas) 233.8236.9241.2239.1239.2236.3
   Mining support activities 109.7109.7109.6110.3109.6105.6
   Utilities 143.4141.1140.6138.3138.1135.9
   Food mfg 203.2203.0202.2201.0201.1201.8
  New industrial building construction 137.3137.4138.0138.1138.0139.4
  Concrete contractors nonresidential building work 136.7136.8137.2137.7137.8137.8
   Beverage & tobacco mfg 159.2159.3160.5161.4161.5161.1
   Textile mills 134.3134.3134.4134.1134.4133.9
   Textile product mills 138.9138.9139.3139.2139.0139.2
   Apparel manufacturing 116.7116.7117.2116.6116.4116.9
   Leather and allied product manufacturing 175.1175.2175.8175.7174.3172.4
   Wood product manufacturing 135.6135.9135.9136.5139.5136.8
   Paper manufacturing 144.2144.4144.4143.7143.3143.1
   Printing and related support activities 120.6120.5121.3121.2121.0121.0
   Petroleum and coal products manufacturing 238.1237.7237.0220.8199.1131.5
   Chemical mfg 290.8289.4290.9290.7290.6287.2
   Plastics and rubber products mfg 192.6192.5192.2192.3192.0192.5
   Nonmetallic mineral product manufacturing 219.0218.9220.5221.6222.1222.5
   Primary metal mfg 198.1196.3197.3196.4196.7194.4
   Fabricated metal product mfg 204.1204.1204.8205.1205.3205.3
   Machinery manufacturing 140.6140.8141.3141.5141.7142.0
   Computer & electronic product mfg
   Electrical equipment and appliance mfg 147.5147.7147.5147.7147.7148.0
   Transportation equipment manufacturing 125.2125.1125.1124.9125.2124.7
   Furniture & related product mfg 211.6212.0213.0213.3214.2213.8
   Miscellaneous mfg 127.3127.4127.9127.8128.4128.5
   Merchant wholesalers durable goods 147.0148.0147.7148.8149.1146.9
   Merchant wholesalers nondurable goods 165.5165.5164.7162.5164.7166.9
   Motor vehicle and parts dealers 148.9148.6148.2149.0150.1150.7
   Furniture and home furnishings stores 145.3144.1147.3148.8143.8144.5
   Electronics and appliance stores 76.578.179.881.379.983.9
   Building material and garden equipment and supply dealers 150.7151.0150.6152.0152.4150.4
   Food and beverage stores 201.6200.4203.8206.6210.1215.5
   Health and personal care stores 152.5150.1153.4150.6146.6141.9
   Gasoline stations 112.0112.6113.3115.7135.8177.3
   Clothing and clothing accessories stores 137.2134.5132.7117.8131.1128.4
   Sporting goods hobby and book stores 118.6116.9117.3117.0116.9117.9
   General merchandise stores 125.0124.3130.0124.9127.2128.9
   Nonstore retailers 168.1165.4170.6180.6183.1181.6
   Air transportation 230.2244.2234.9229.5211.4190.3
   Rail transportation 198.7198.8200.4200.1199.7198.4
   Water transportation 145.9146.8148.5143.3142.5138.1
   Truck transportation 147.7147.5147.5146.7144.9143.9
   Transportation support activities 126.9126.9126.3126.7124.9124.1
   U.S. Postal Service 232.1232.1232.1237.4237.4237.4
   Couriers and messengers 233.2233.2243.9242.7243.0239.8
   Warehousing and storage 109.0109.1109.2108.8109.3108.7
   Publishing industries except Internet 116.1116.0116.4116.0117.6117.0
   Broadcasting except Internet 130.9130.6131.0131.6132.2128.0
   Security commodity contracts and like activity 192.7195.5197.2200.1201.0179.8
   Insurance carriers and related activities 141.2141.3141.3141.5141.6141.7
   Hospitals 206.1205.5207.7207.1207.3207.7
   Accommodation 168.6165.8168.7163.0162.4151.6
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