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Income, Earnings, Wages - Prescott MSA201020112012201320142015
Place of residence profile ($000), Bureau of Economic Analysis
Total personal income6,141,1086,387,8276,623,5136,936,3607,491,5087,900,004
  % Chg from Year Ago-2.54%4.02%3.69%4.72%8.0%5.45%
Derivation of income (000$)
    Net earnings 1/2,671,2702,700,8032,791,2952,898,2013,145,1473,363,237
    Personal current transfer receipts1,962,2302,029,4592,086,1032,208,0112,343,7612,479,012
        Income maintenance 2/123,433129,102131,424128,719123,641121,222
        Unemployment insurance compensation61,07141,74329,39517,86211,1549,872
        Retirement and other1,777,7261,858,6141,925,2842,061,4302,208,9662,347,918
    Dividends, interest, and rent1,572,7841,683,547
Per capita incomes ($)
Per capita personal income 5/29,08830,25531,17432,22234,23135,545
  % Chg from Year Ago-2.52%4.01%3.04%3.36%6.23%3.84%
    Per capita net earnings 5/12,65312,79213,13713,46314,37115,132
Place of work profile ($000)
  Earnings by place of work2,789,1232,769,6422,859,5723,018,0233,281,3423,512,154
  % Chg from Year Ago-8.14%-0.7%3.25%5.54%8.72%7.03%
    Wages and salaries1,939,1631,949,5372,044,7402,130,4262,258,4432,383,190
    Supplements to wages and salaries505,458505,462511,548531,372559,435572,482
Employer contributions for employee pension and insurance funds
Employer contributions for government social insurance
    Proprietors' income344,502314,643303,284356,225463,464556,482
        Nonfarm proprietors' income353,120321,926311,042361,688464,922557,219
        Farm proprietors' income-8,618-7,283-7,758-5,463-1,458-737
  Total full-time and part-time employment (number of jobs)87,18887,15288,34490,12592,96796,272
    Wage and salary jobs56,98456,21257,43558,59560,98863,321
    Number of proprietors30,20430,94030,90931,53031,97932,951
    Number of nonfarm proprietors 5/22,27722,603
    Number of farm proprietors751.0798.0840.0839.0863.0857.0
  Average earnings per job (dollars)31,99031,77932,36933,48735,29636,482
  % Chg from Year Ago-5.48%-0.66%1.86%3.45%5.4%3.36%
    Average wages and salaries34,03034,68235,60136,35837,03137,637
    Average nonfarm proprietors' income11,98910,68010,34411,78514,94217,362
1/ Total earnings less contributions for government social insurance adjusted to place of residence.
2/ Consists largely of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments; Earned Income Tax Credits (EITC); family assistance; general assistance; expenditures for food under the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC); Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP); and other assistance benefits.
3/ Rental income of persons includes the capital consumption adjustment.
4/ Type of income divided by population yields a per capita measure for that type of income. EBRC uses the July 1st mid-year population estimates from the Arizona Department of Administration , rather than the official Census counts. EBRC considers these more accurate.
5/ See number 4.
6/ Includes actual employer contributions and actuarially imputed employer contributions to reflect benefits accrued by defined benefit pension plan participants through service to employers in the current period.
7/ Excludes limited partners.
Note-- All dollar estimates are in current dollars (not adjusted for inflation).
Published by   Economic and Business Research Center.

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