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Georgia - Average Hourly Earnings by Sector
Mar 2019Apr 2019May 2019Jun 2019Jul 2019Aug 2019
  Total Private26.6126.5426.3626.5526.2826.39
  Goods Producing25.4225.5325.3925.4525.425.24
  Private Service Providing26.926.7826.5926.8126.4926.66
  Trade, Transportation & Utilities23.4823.4623.3723.5123.3523.5
  Financial Activities35.5535.3334.3335.4334.7735.0
  Professional & Business Services32.632.8232.6132.4931.7731.93
  Education & Health Services30.1730.029.5629.6829.4429.53
  Leisure & Hospitality13.5313.8113.713.5413.6213.58
  Other Services24.3224.123.9824.1224.1323.75
Note: All Earnings in US$ (Not Seasonally Adjusted)
Published by  Valdosta State University - CBER.