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Georgia - Labor Force Statistics
Mar 2019Apr 2019May 2019Jun 2019Jul 2019Aug 2019
Number of People in the Labor Force5,119,3325,109,4335,104,4015,103,1215,102,2955,107,773
  Change from Prior-3,773  -9,899  -5,032  -1,280  -826  5,478  
Number of People Employed4,920,3594,913,8124,910,4284,912,6774,917,0384,925,710
  Change from Prior-4,320  -6,547  -3,384  2,249  4,361  8,672  
Number of People Unemployed198,973195,621193,973190,444185,257182,063
  Change from Prior547.0-3,352-1,648-3,529-5,187-3,194
Percentage of People Unemployed3.
  Difference from Prior0.0  -0.1  0.0  -0.1  -0.1  0.0  
Note: All Numbers Seasonally Adjusted
Published by  Valdosta State University - CBER.