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Labor Force and Payroll Employment
Tucson MSA
May 2017Jun 2017Jul 2017Aug 2017Sep 2017Oct 2017
Local Area Unemployment Statistics (not seasonally adjusted), BLS
Civilian Labor Force475,920473,360472,763469,433477,698473,007
  % Chg from Year Ago0.86%  0.97%  1.19%  0.53%  0.23%  -0.72%  
     Employment 453,927450,295449,645448,047457,522454,082
          Unemployment Rate %
Employees on Nonagricultural Payrolls (000s, not seasonally adjusted), Current Employment Statistics, BLS
Total Nonfarm (000s)375.2364.7362.3366.2374.3376.4
  % Chg from Year Ago0.08%  0.52%  0.61%  0.05%  -0.66%  -1.03%  
     Mining and Logging
     Construction 15.014.914.714.814.814.8
     Manufacturing 23.523.723.423.623.523.4
          Aerospace Product & Parts Manuf.11.812.112.312.412.312.3
     Wholesale Trade
     Retail Trade 41.140.840.640.941.040.8
     Transportation and Utilities 10.310.310.310.410.410.5
     Financial Activities
      Education and Health Services 65.365.565.665.565.165.1
     Leisure and Hospitality 46.945.243.843.944.645.2
     Food Services and Drinking Places 34.033.532.232.633.033.2
     Other Services 15.415.415.415.215.215.3
     Government 77.767.967.770.378.879.7
          Federal Government 12.612.712.612.512.612.7
          State Government 24.619.119.219.526.226.7
              State Government Education20.014.514.614.921.622.1
          Local Government 40.536.135.938.340.040.3
               Local Government Education21.317.817.819.821.121.3
Published by   Economic and Business Research Center, The University of Arizona.