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Prescott MSA (Yavapai County) - annual data20132014201520162017
Population, ADOA*213,294215,357217,778220,189225,364
  % Chg from Year Ago0.81%0.97%1.12%1.11%2.35%
Total Personal Income ($000), BEA6,936,3607,482,2537,888,4908,199,948
  % Chg from Year Ago4.72%7.87%5.43%3.95%
Per Capita Personal Income ($), EBRC**32,520.1834,743.4936,222.6237,240.50
  % Chg from Year Ago3.88%6.84%4.26%2.81%
*Population counts as of July 1st of each year. ADOA population estimates differ from the official Census Bureau estimates. EBRC considers the ADOA counts to be the most accurate.
**BEA "total personal income" divided by ADOA population estimate.
Published by  Economic and Business Research Center, The University of Arizona.